• 2 accounts per IP
  • 2 Houses per Account
  • You can have a maximum of 1,000 skill points and 250 ability points.
  • Custom Houses
  • Lots of in Game Lore to Discover
  • Experience the power of the Sith
  • spell research system
  • Custom Map The world consists of 9 different lands, over 20 cities and villages, and over 100 dungeons to explore.
  • Takes place shortly after the events of Ultima III: Exodus
  • Get our Custom Client Here play.uomagic.com Port: 9999
  • https://discord.gg/J25rMqN

MUSIC OPTIONS There are 3 different folders in the Client directory. One is the modern Ultima Odyssey music in the “Digital” folder. There is also a folder called “DigitalClassic”, which has more retro music from older Ultima games. Lastly, there is a folder called “DigitalAlternate”. This contains newer music from other classic fantasy games, chosen for variety and thematic purposes. If you want to switch between these two, you will need to close your client and then rename “Digital” to “DigitalModern” and then rename one of the other folders to “Digital”. When you start the client again, you will have different music. To switch back, close your client and then rename “Digital” back to what it was and then rename another folder to “Digital”. Then start the client again and you will have the other music.

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