UO Magic

To view the various colors of the servers and a more pleasant and colorful experience, a hues file is needed. c:\ProgramFiles\ Electronic Arts \ Ultima Online Classic folder hues.mul very tiny file

play.uomagic.com Port: 2593


  • No Skill Cap 500 Total Stat Cap, 350 Individual cap
  •  1 character gets a skill ball with 7 skills to 100
  • Train your own Squire with Samurai Skills only available on our servers
  • Latest Era Available and Latest content available
  • Lots of Customs
  • HueRoom Neon colors Available, we encorage a colorful enviroment
  • Custom Quests
  • 1 accounts per IP(Player if more than one player per house please contact us)
  •  2 Houses plus yard
  • use comma (,) to use global chat
  • North America Based High end Dedicated Server, High Speed Connection